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For homeowners in Austin,Texas, only one company is trusted to help keep – and occasionally replace – the roofs over their heads.

We ask a lot of our roofs. They are the first line of defense between us and the occasionally harsh Texas storms. One day might bring strong winds and stinging clouds of dust, while the next brings rain and hail. And who can forget Texas’ infamous, unrelenting heat? That’s why the experienced team at Atlas Roofing of LOCATION is committed to meeting all commercial and residential roofing needs.

We don’t believe in cutting corners at Atlas Roofing. Only the highest-quality materials are used in any of our repairs and we seek out the top warranties in the industry. And, because our customers are No. 1, we also care about bringing you the best possible prices. We’re not happy unless you’re ecstatic.

Atlas Roofing has been in your neighborhood for decades. And we take pride in being good neighbors, a fact to which our thousands of loyal customers can attest.


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Even the most reliable roof will sometimes need a little TLC. The same rains and winds that took eons to carve paths through mountains and stone will take a toll on your home in a significantly shorter amount of time. While Atlas Roofing can’t move heaven and earth, our expert crews can inspect, diagnose and address any problems or potential problems to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

We’ll tackle any aspect of roofing repair, from a small leak that hasn’t yet grown into a major headache to significant structural damage left by raging storms.

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Sometimes repairs just aren’t enough. Whether it’s due to age or a sudden burst of damage, some roofs simply need to retire after a lifetime of service. Fortunately, roofing installation is second nature to the crews at Atlas Roofing.

Atlas Roofing has become synonymous with quality and affordability when it comes to roofing installation. You can count on us to bring you the highest-quality materials at the lowest-possible prices. We strive to protect your wallet as well as your home without sacrificing a modicum of quality.


Hail is one of the most fiendishly dangerous natural disasters that can befall your home. The damage left by the earthward-plummeting ice balls is frequently obvious. But occasionally, the trauma from the hail barrage, even a brief one, can exist below the surface.

That’s why Atlas Roofing crews are well-trained in hail-damage roofing and can address problems right away. Atlas Roofing recommends always checking out your roof following a storm. If small issues are addressed right away, it’s less likely a minor irritation will become a major pain.

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The Texas natives who founded Atlas Roofing are committed to the values inherent to the Lone Star State. We work hard and take pride in what we do, and customer satisfaction is the very fuel that sustains us each and every day.

If you’ve got a roofing concern or question, contact us today and set up a time for a quote.